We provide extensive range of Physical and Virtual Security & Surveillance solutions. We understand the dilemma of HR associated with security jobs

and hence tailored our solution with maximum ease of effective usage and appropriate on site / off-site trainings.

Our qualified team is equally capable to analyze, design and propose the right solution to our customers while meeting the economies of scale.

Surveillance (BSIA Standards)

Proactive surveillance approach is the only methodology in today’s environment to prevent from major loss of either threat. Hence behavioral analysis of site / location gives more vigilance in comparison to conventional post incident surveillance approach. Our solution have the capability to address threat even before it tends to occur.

  • Command & Control Systems- complete EPC solution
  • Video Management System: Behavioral Analytics
  • High Definition Surveillance Equipment
  • IP/ Analog Hybrid integration
  • AHD CCTV Solutions

Security and Inspection Solution Security. (ANS/HPS Standards)

  • Full body X-Ray scan, advanced and state of the art imagining technique, low doze transmission X-ray,
  • Personnel screening entrance system for dangerous items.
  • Baggage, Parcel & Cargo Scanner, Mobile Cargo Inspection system, Tripod Turnstile.
  • X-Ray scanning customized & integrated solutions for Airports, Dry ports and security screening at checkpoints.

Access / Detection Control Systems

  • Pedestrian Access Control System, Vehicle Access Control System, Fleet Management   System,
  • Biometric / RFID Control System
  • Walk thru gates, Hand Held Scanner, Mines & Thermal Eye. Under Vehicle Examination